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Cental8 is on a mission to revolutionise how companies interact and utilise data. This is about finding the right audience ready to sign up for your product and service. Prospects can be from our database or we can help you analyse your database to find hidden or missed opportunities.

Our data intelligence platform is a lead generation and verification system that allows you to search and download unlimited consumer and business leads direct to your CRM. The platform is designed to allow customers to manage data processing and outreach campaigns including search, social and email marketing.

The platform also offers data cleanse and verification services to help enrich your data to maintain its continued accuracy and is built to comply with GDPR and privacy-first guidelines.

We’re fully committed to providing you with high quality data and our data is sourced through analyses of various public registries and records. We also supplement our data via trusted third parties.

We continuously validate and engage our data to remove incorrect, stale or unverified information to ensure that the data we provide is accurate and up-to-date.

No hidden fees or contracts and you can cancel anytime.

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